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Everybody knows what is ‘Digital Transformation‘, everybody have an opinion, a vision, an experience and everybody knows the truth of “What”, “How” and “When” related with Digital Transformation.


This is the message that the IT professionals send everyday, because we are experts and we know everything you can know about it. But although I consider myself an IT professional, I have done something that we do not usually do in this sector… stop, look around and ask ourselves why things are like this and what we are really doing.

The conclusion I have reached is that I am not at all in agreement with my colleagues, or at least with the most widespread opinion, which is usually the most accepted and therefore becomes the truth.

The first point is the most important of all is ‘Digital’, so we can not transform any business, process, task or whatever without introduce digital world in the equation. And the second one is ‘Transformation’, but is not really important, is a consequence of the ‘Digital’. the worst of all is the term is in fashion.


The mail issue I saw during these years is that the most important thing of the Digital Transformation is the process, and we usually forget what the main objective is.

From my point of view, the important isn´t ‘Digital’ or ‘Transformation’, the most important, the only really important is the person (not the people). ‘Digital Transformation’ is only the way to achieve an objective, and the objective is to help the person to be happy (or is it not what we are all really looking for in life?)

Person is different for each company… sometimes is employee, client, partner or internet surfer. and is person and not people because all we are all different, and therefore we need different things to achieve our goals. This is why today so much is spoken of the millennial, who in the end are the ones who have driven all this process with their vision and their needs


Out objective (of IT people) is to help this person to achieve the perfect environment that allow them to achieve their objective the most comfortable and satisfactorily possible. With this new environment, the person will be more productive, more satisfied and more happy. it can be with a better workplace, a better web, a better interface, a better process… but always adapted to their needs and expectations.

Finally ‘Digital’ is just the tools of how we help this person: the things we use to give the environment that each person needs. We are fortunate to have a technological evolution adapted to the people within our reach …  and finally ‘Transformation’ is just the way we design to walk. Speaking in IT terms, is the change management, because, we can not forget that we are going to change how the person is going to work/connect/contact/relate but always in positive terms, because the principal objective is to help them.

So, the vision I currently have about ‘Digital Transformation’ is… a cool name that allows it be fashionable, but in essence, is a change management of the current environment of the person to a new environment adapted to their needs using the tools that the 21st century puts in our hands. We adapt our environments, process and companies for the new wave of talent called Millennial.


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